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I grew up with animals. Ever since I can remember cats and dogs have lived with us. My mother showed me and my siblings how to take care of them and take responsibility for them. Even as a child, I knew that having a cat or a dog is not only pleasure, but also duties. I have never been indifferent to a needy animal when it was in need. I saved a lot of cats, treated them, and then looked for homes with a loving family.

I read a lot about animals, especially cats.

One day my husband and I went to an international cat show. We saw a lot of wonderful cats, but I was fascinated by one ... Holy Burmese Cat.

I started looking for information about this breed. I wanted to know as much as possible about their character, personality, genetics and care.

I talked a lot with breeders, read books and articles from professional magazines.

We were looking for a cattery for a long time, until one day two wonderful Burmese cats appeared in our house: Tussy and One Love. We are absolutely in love with them! We were able to see for ourselves about their wonderful character and trust
and attachment to man. After long talks with my husband, we decided to open a cattery of the Holy Burmese Cats.

Jak Mieszkamy


Our cats live with us in our house located in the village of Rokitki near Tczew. It is a village located near the forest, away from the city. Pets have as much free space as they want. We care about their comfort in every respect! You will not find any cages or special rooms for keeping them !!!

Our tomcat has a separate large space for himself, he lives together in unison
with a sterilized female cat and is separate from other female cats.

We believe that it is very important to show you the life of our cats in our house during their daily duties and ordinary bustle. They are part of our family and therefore we care for them in the best possible way. Please visit our website and contact us.


Magdalena Steinthorsson - happy wife, mother, owner of Golden Retriver
and Birman cats.

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